Monday, January 10, 2011

Pick Up Palz and Clutter Free Kids

It is a new year and the perfect time to reorganize your children's toys! Pick Up Palz are still available to purchase at Clutter Free Kids. Go to Clutter Free Kids, click on Toy Organizers, and buy Pick Up Palz. Also, you will receive a free packet of Pick Up Palz with any purchase of a toy organizer at Clutter Free Kids!

Clutter Free Kids has everything a home needs to help keep your kids stuff organized: toy storage, unique storage, fun toy boxes, theme book shelves, storage on wheels, whatever you can imagine!

We at Playdate LLC are honored to partner with Clutter Free Kids to bring you Pick Up Palz!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What are Pick Up Palz!

Thank you for checking out Playdate LLC, and our current product for sale, Pick Up Palz. I am Tiffany Tolman - President of Playdate LLC and creator of Pick Up Palz. As many moms can relate, I created Pick Up Palz out of my need to teach my children the importance of responsibility. I had read that children as young as 2 could help with household chores. My first thought after reading that was, "Not my 2 year old!" However, I was willing to give it a try.

I am surprised my family survived that first try. There was whining (by the children); there was shouting (by me); there was micro-managing (yup, me again); there were tears (by all of us). Picking up toys was reduced to me undoing all that I had managed to get my children to do. It was very frustrating, and I worried that I was teaching my children how to not do a good job since someone would come along and fix it for them. YIKES!

I took a step back (and a couple of aspirin), and I considered what was missing. I knew where everything went. I knew if that precious toy was put into just any bin there would be a splunking crew needed to locate the toy at bedtime! I knew, but my children didn't, and I needed a tool to help me guide them and teach them.

So, I created Pick Up Palz - removable, reusable labels with a picture of the object and the word showing a child what toys belong where. Just put the label on whichever storage unit that toy belongs in, and voila! No more micro-managing. No more asking me where toys go. My children are able to clean up the playroom all by themselves! My youngest is not able to read yet, but she sees the picture on the label and puts things where they belong.

To read more about Pick Up Palz, please go to the website:! Also, if you would like to read my personal blog, please go to Thanks.